Other Benefits

Cuyahoga County offers variety of discounts and programs to eligible employees.  Take advantage to save money on events and services, one-on-one financial aid assistance, and access to counseling services.


Flexible Spending Account

Cuyahoga County offers three types of Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) to help you set aside pre-tax dollars for medical, dependent and parking/transportation expenses.

Health Savings Account

If you have MetroHealthSelect High Deductible as your health coverage, you are eligible to open an Health Savings Account when you also meet other Heath Savings Account criteria.


Tuition Assistance Program

The Tuition Assistance Program is designed to help county employees reach their goals, enhance their job-related skills, and develop their careers.


RTA Discount Passes

Cuyahoga County subsidizes an RTA Discount Pass program to encourage employees to take advantage of mass transit for their commutes.