Affidavit of Current Marriage Form

A legal document and a sworn statement to verify that two people are married.


Benefits Enrollment Form

Benefits enrollment form for new hires.


Benefits Office Change (BOC) Form

Form to utilize for benefit changes with regards to life events and agency transfers.


CVS Caremark Mail Order Form

Order form to have prescriptions mailed.


CVS Caremark Reimbursement Form

Form to obtain reimbursement for prescriptions paid out of pocket.


MedMutual Disability Verification Form

Medical Mutual Overage Disabled Dependent form.


MedMutual Life Beneficiary Designation

Form required to list beneficiaries for life insurance.


MedMutual Life Evidence of Insurability

A record of a person’s past and current health events to verify whether a person meets the definition of good health.


MetroHealth Mail Order Form

Prescription mail service order form.


RTA Payroll Deduction Form

Form to utilize when signing up for employee discounted monthly RTA passes.


VSP Member Reimbursement Form

Form to utilize when services are rendered from an out of network provider.


Parking Claim Form

Reimbursement form for FSA Commuter Parking Benefits.


FSA Claim Form

Reimbursement form for medical and dependent care flex claims.