Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account

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  • The minimum per-pay contribution is $5 per pay
  • The maximum contribution varies by Federal tax filing status and is as follows:
    • Single or Married Filing Separately: $96 per pay
    • Married Filing Jointly or Head of Household: $192 per pay
  • Is used to cover child care for children age 13 or younger
  • Child care can be in-home or at another facility, which must meet all federal and state regulations if more than six (6) children are under care
  • Can be used for Elder Care
  • The list of eligible expenses can be found in IRS Publication 503 or online at
  • You will receive a benefits card which you can use to access your Dependent Care FSA


Dependent Care FSA

A Dependent Care Assistance Flexible Spending Account (FSA) allows you to set aside a portion of your pay pre-tax to use for child day care or elder care expenses.