MetroHealth Select

  • Access to providers in the MetroHealth Select network. You’ll pay no annual deductible.
  • You’ll pay copays or coinsurance for health care services. Preventive services are covered at 100%.
  • Under the MetroHealth Select Plan, most services require a copay. Visits to the Emergency Room (in-network or out-of-network) are subject to a $150 copay for emergency services and a $200 copay for in-network non-emergency services. There is no coverage for out-of-network non-emergency services.
  • Find a provider at MetroHealth Physician Directory

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MetroHealth Select SBC

What this Plan Covers & What You Pay For Covered Services.




2020-2023 MetroHealth Select Plan Certificate

MetroHealth Select Health Care Major Medical Benefit Book.


MetroHealth Select Resources

Cuyahoga County, in partnership with MetroHealth, provides a variety of programs and services at no cost to employees and their families covered under a MetroHealth health plan.

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Skyway - MetroHealth Select Name Change

Overview of the MetroHealth Select Name Change.