Qualifying Life Event 30 Day Rule

For Employees Experiencing a Change in Life

If you anticipate or are experiencing a change in your life such as a birth of a child, marriage, divorce, this rule is for you.

Changes that you experience in your life may allow you to enroll or may require you to make a change in your benefits coverage. These events are called Qualifying Life Events. Qualifying Life Events include but are not limited to:

  • Change in marital status (marriage, divorce, legal separation, death of spouse)
  • Change in number of dependents (birth, adoption, placement for adoption, legal guardianship, death)
  • Loss or gain of employment by employee’s spouse or dependent
  • Loss of benefits coverage

Please Note

  • Marriage or Divorce - An ex-spouse cannot remain on your County benefits. If a court orders you to pay your ex-spouse’s benefits – You are responsible for finding benefits coverage elsewhere, not through Cuyahoga County.
  • Dependents will lose medical, dental and vision coverage at end of the month they turn age 26 (complete a Benefits Enrollment Form within 30 days of their birthday). After age 26, medical, dental and vision coverage is available through COBRA.

More Information

For all benefits information and a list of the required documentation, see your HR rep or visit the Employee Benefits site.

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