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The Department of Sustainability exists to:
  • Promote environmentally sustainable business practices in the internal operations of the County.
  • Collaborate with businesses, non-profit organizations, political subdivisions, and government agencies to develop programs incorporating environmentally sustainable methods into accepted practice.
  • Promote economic development to support businesses that provide environmentally sustainable goods and services.
  • Educate the public about environmentally sustainable practices.
  • Advise, when requested, the County Executive and the County Council on policies and programs related to environmental sustainability.
  • Coordinate and collaborate with other directors and departments to achieve operational efficiencies and to eliminate redundancy within County government.


Sustainability Directory


Staff Members

Mike Foley
Mike Foley, Director of Sustainability
Phone: 216-443-3055
Valerie Katz, Deputy Director of Sustainability
Phone: 216-443-3785

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2079 East Ninth Street
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