Civil Service Testing

Civil Service Testing Procedures

Information about civil service testing application and screening, online testing, in-person testing, and structured interviews.


Civil Service Exam Announcements

List of upcoming civil service exams and dates.

PRC Computer Lab Holiday Calendar


Civil Service Eligibility Lists

List of eligible candidates who passed the civil service exam.


Requests for Reconsideration

Information on how to complete a request for reconsideration form including deadlines and instructions.


Requests for Test Rescheduling

Descriptions of situations the PRC would consider when evaluating a request for rescheduling and how to make the request.


Requests for ADA Accommodation in Testing

Procedure on how to request an accommodation in testing.


Requests for Eligibility List Restoration

Information on how to be restored as a candidate on an eligibility list.


Department Resources

Information for directors wishing to use a pre-existing eligibility list or extend the life of a current eligibility list.


Online Testing through Examity

Information on Examity, the online proctoring service used for civil service tests.


Frequently Asked Questions

Civil Service FAQs

Why do we give civil service tests?
Who develops the tests?
How do I apply to take a civil service test?
What are minimum requirements?
What can I do if I believe my application should not have been rejected?
What are the content and format of the tests?
What can I do if I can’t attend a test administration?
Do you provide reasonable accommodations in testing?
What should I bring to the test administration?
How will I know my test results?

Civil Service FAQs (cont.)

Can I see my test results?
What is a noncompetitive classification?
What is an eligibility list?
How long is an eligibility list in effect?
Can the public see eligibility lists?
How is an eligibility list used?
How can I check my status in the hiring process?
Can I be removed from an eligibility list?
Do veterans receive hiring preference?
Can I retake a civil service test?