Real Property

The Real Property department:

  • Preserves a complete historical record of all property transactions
  • Maintains records of property ownership, valuation, and taxation
  • Collects special assessments for public improvements
  • Prepares and adjusts the tax duplicate
  • Computes tax credits and issues refunds based on decisions by the Board of Revision, Board of Tax Appeals, the Appraisal Department, and the Court of Common Pleas


Contact Us

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Real Property Information

Learn how to obtain property information and submit refund requests.

Real Estate Tax Adjustments

Tax information regarding adjustments, credits, refunds, abatements and the remission of penalties.

Nonprofit Exemptions

Properties used for nonprofit purposes may be granted a tax exemption by the Ohio Department of Taxation.


Forfeited Lands

Forfeited Lands Sale parcel listing and auction information.


Homestead Exemption Program

The Homestead Exemption is a statewide program which reduces the property tax burden of qualified citizens.


Delinquent Publication

Delinquent publication dates and archived advertisements.


Residential Mobile Home

Learn how to transfer and register your residential mobile home.


Owner Occupancy Credit

A real estate tax reduction available to a homeowner for their principal place of residence.


Special Assessments

Certified charges added to the tax duplicate by various Taxing Authorities.