Forfeited Lands

2023 Forfeited Lands Sale

The Fiscal Officer is the selling agent for the State of Ohio and is required, by law to maintain a list of forfeited properties seized due to nonpayment of real estate taxes. The Cuyahoga County Fiscal Office will be conducting a State of Ohio Forfeiture Land Sale. 

Note that all purchases of real estate are "buyer beware" and it is strongly recommended that each buyer contact a real estate attorney and / or title company prior to the sale. Contact the parcel’s City Building Department regarding condemnation or demolition.

Cuyahoga County’s MyPlace is available as a resource tool to research parcel information.

Review the topics below for other pertinent information concerning this sale.

Forfeited Lands Locator

Cuyahoga County has launched a new Forfeited Lands Locator to explore all of the parcels that will be available at this year’s sale. Navigate throughout the map to view details about each available parcel, and click on them to see a link to the property record on MyPlace.

Forfeited Lands Locator

2023 Parcel Listing

Forfeited Land Sale Results
Parcels with a status of “Unsold” or “Deposit Forfeited” will remain forfeited and may be reoffered at next year’s sale.

2023 Land Sale Overage Report
Per Ohio Revised Code 5723.11, if any forfeited lands are sold for a greater sum than the amount of the tax, assessment, penalty, interest, and costs of sale, within a year’s time, the prior owner (defendant) may request a payment of the excess proceeds. If you believe you are due a payment from the overage of the sale of your property, please contact 216-443-7010.


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If you have any questions, call or email the Forfeited Lands Department.

Phone: 216-443-7010

2022 Forfeited Lands Sale