Real Estate Tax Adjustments

  • Calculates, corrects and records charges on the tax duplicate
  • Computes and issues tax adjustments, credits and/or refunds resulting from value reductions
  • Processes Remission of Penalty Applications

Tax Adjustments Forms

Application for the Remission of Real Property and Manufactured Home Late-Payment Penalties
Request the remittance of penalties assessed to your tax bill.

Application for Payment on Estimated Taxes
During the Board of Revision process, to pay the amount of taxes based on the full market value estimated in your complaint.

Application for Refund
Request a refund resulting from a:

  • Board of Revision Value Reduction
  • Approved Remission of Penalty Application
  • Granted Non-profit Exemption Application
  • Abatement Application


Contact Information

Phone: (216) 443-7010