The Appraisal Department is responsible for discovering, listing and valuing approximately 511,231 parcels.

The Ohio Revised Code and Ohio Administrative Code mandate the Appraisal Department conducts a reappraisal every six years, an update every three years and annual valuation of improvements based upon building permits received from each city annually.


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Information available to taxpayers about each property includes:

  • land and buildings data,
  • ownership history,
  • parcel and mailing addresses,
  • transfer dates,
  • purchase prices,
  • taxes on all residential and commercial properties.

Property values are available in both assessed and market values. Tax rates are applied to the assessed value.


Application for Valuation of Damaged or Destroyed Property

  • Complete the application per the instructions
  • Complete the interactive portion of this document
  • Print out the document
  • Mail the Fiscal Office copy to:
    Cuyahoga County Fiscal Office Appraisal Department
    2079 E. Ninth Street, 3rd Floor
    Cleveland, OH 44115


Ohio law requires a reappraisal every six years. There was a Triennial Update in 2021, with the next reappraisal scheduled for the year 2024.



Permits and Annual Maintenance

Appraisers value any changes to buildings and land. This includes building permits, property splits, and incentives.



Agricultural Land

Owners of agricultural land can be eligible for benefits.



Agricultural Use Valuation (CAUV)

This program reduces the land value of properties devoted exclusively to commercial agricultural use. By reducing the value, the program can substantially reduce property taxes for working farmer.


Forest Land Eligibility

In exchange for tax reduction, landowners agree to manage their forestland for the production of timber and other forest products and abide by pertinent rules and regulations.


Mineral Rights

Mineral Rights can be described as a separate real estate ownership interest in the sub-surface rights to access minerals, predominantly oil and gas.