Agricultural Land

The Cuyahoga County Fiscal Department is responsible for administering:

Both Programs provide relief to the owners of agricultural land and use similar eligibility criteria, but are two separate programs.

The same agricultural land can qualify for either or both programs. However, applying for one program does not automatically enroll you in the other program. Separate Applications must be filed for each program.

Agricultural District

Farmland Preservation Act is designed to remove outside pressure that may cause farmland to be converted to non-agricultural uses.

It allows landowners to voluntarily create an Agricultural District which is basically a tract, lot, or parcel(s) of land that receives an identity of being devoted to agricultural use.

Owners who place land in an Agricultural District receive a deferment on collections of any new water, sewer and electrical assessments as long as the land is farmed.

In the event a nuisance lawsuit is made against farming operations, there is legal protection for any generally accepted agricultural practices, as well as limited protection against the use of eminent domain powers of government.

Having an Agricultural District does not reduce real estate taxes, as in the CAUV program.


Eligibility requirements

Agricultural District uses the same requirements as CAUV.

*The program carries a five-year commitment. However converting to another use after the five year period carries no penalty, nor obligation to sign up again.


Applications Fee

Complete the Application for Placement of Farmland in an Agricultural District. There is no Application fee for participation in the Agricultural District program.


Owner may file an application at any time during the year to place his land in an Agricultural District for five years.


For more detailed information and important dates please refer to 5713.30 - 5713.99 of the Ohio Revised Code or call the Cuyahoga County Fiscal Department’s Appraisal Division at 216-443-4663.