County Equity Commission

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The County Equity Commission brings together leaders from various County agencies to examine current County policies and protocols, how they affect different populations, and how they can be improved and accessible for all. This will be tackled through extensive research on what is being done across the country, listening to others, and continuing to educate each other.
We are taking a hard look at our organization and how we interact with our community.
  • Of the services we provide, how accessible are they for people of color?
  • What services do not yet exist that would help people of color and the community as a whole?
  • How do our policies and protocols affect some populations in more advantageous ways than others?

This is positive, much-needed work that will continue over the coming months.


Internal Equity Commission Report
Annual reports, which are released at the end of January, provide updates on the progress, activity, and future initiatives of the Cuyahoga County Equity Commission.

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