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Cuyahoga County Executive, Chris Ronayne

Meet the Executive

Chris Ronayne is a forty-year resident of Cuyahoga County, currently residing in Cleveland's Edgewater neighborhood. Chris’ father, an Army veteran, and his mother, a small business owner, taught him the values of hard work, perseverance and integrity. Chris dedicated his campaign to his mom, who passed away after a long battle with cancer last year.

Chris and his wife Natalie have been married for nineteen years. She currently serves as the Chief Development Officer for the Cleveland Metroparks. Chris spends most of his free time on the ice as a youth hockey coach for his two children, Audrey and Joe.

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2079 East Ninth Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44115

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Cuyahoga County Executive's Priorities

Cuyahoga County Executive Chris Ronayne is working for you. Working with community partners, his administration strives to deliver quality services to our residents, businesses, and communities. These six categories are Executive Ronayne’s top priorities for Cuyahoga County.

Healthy Cuyahoga

Executive Ronayne is committed to fostering a community where health, wellness, and safety take center stage, creating a thriving environment for all.

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Jobs & Infrastructure

Executive Ronayne wants to cultivate a diverse and resilient economic landscape in Cuyahoga County that benefits residents, businesses, and the overall prosperity of our community.

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Public Safety & Justice

Executive Ronayne fosters a secure and equitable community by prioritizing public safety initiatives that ensure the well-being and justice of all residents.

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Climate & Energy

Executive Ronayne is tackling climate issues and advancing sustainable energy solutions in Cuyahoga County. His initiatives emphasize a commitment to environmental responsibility, striving to create resilient communities for both present and future generations.

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Operational Excellence

Executive Ronayne wants an efficient, transparent, and effective County government for the people. He aims to ensure that County operations are streamlined, responsive, and continually improving for the benefit of the County.

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Affordable Housing

Executive Ronayne is a staunch advocate for affordable housing. He believes everyone deserves a place to call home. His commitment reflects the vision of creating a more inclusive and accessible community for all Cuyahoga County residents.

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