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We inspect weights and measures throughout the county to make sure they’re accurate.

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Protect Yourself From Arrest Scams

Scammers posing as police are calling people to claim they failed to show up for court. The scammers email fake court documents and warrants that appear to support their claims.

Here’s what you need to know to protect yourself:

  • Police never call people to say they’re about to be arrested
  • Police never demand payments from people
  • Courts do not accept gift cards or crypto currency

Read our press release to learn more.


Protect Yourself From Skimmers

Card skimmers are devices that criminals may install at point-of-sale terminals to steal information on credit and debit cards. Most skimmers work by capturing the information on a card’s magnetic strip. Criminals use the captured information to make purchases using your accounts.

Take these steps to help protect yourself from skimmers

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Call 216-443-SCAM (7226) or use our online form.

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