Weights and Measures

Cuyahoga County’s Division of Weights and Measures protects shoppers and businesses from losing money because of store errors or inaccurate measures.

Weights and Measures inspectors:

  • Test gas pumps and store scales to make sure they’re accurate
  • Inspect goods sold by weight to protect consumers from paying for packaging
  • Conduct store sweeps to ensure that advertised prices ring up at the register

Inspectors primarily conduct device tests at grocery stores and gas stations, but they have jurisdiction to test everything from tiny jewelry scales to timed devices such laundromat dryers. Read our Weights and Measures Code.

Learn About Seals

Weights and Measures SealA Weights and Measures approval seal lets consumers know that our inspectors have tested a measuring device (for example, a gas pump or store scale) and found it to be operating correctly. Devices that cheat customers are taken out of service until they are repaired. Only devices that pass our tests receive a seal.

Our seal is good for 12 months. That means if we seal a device in December, you'll see the previous year's seal on that device for the following 12 months. If you spot a seal that's two years or more out of date, please make an online report or call 216-443-7035.


Consumers FAQ

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File a Complaint

Find something that doesn't add up? File a complaint with Weights and Measures.

File a Complaint

Have a question? Call Cuyahoga County Consumer Affairs at 216-443-7035 or ask us a question online.

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