Chapter 301: Personnel Review Commission

Section 301.01 Powers and Duties

Pursuant to Article IX of the County Charter, the Personnel Review Commission shall have the following functions:

A. Responsibility for the resolution or disposition of all personnel matters, with authority to appoint hearing officers to hear all employee appeals previously under the jurisdiction of the State Personnel Board of Review, including those of classified employees who work for the County Executive, Prosecuting Attorney, County Planning Commission, and the County Public Defender;

B. for administration of countywide compliance with federal and state laws regarding personnel matters within the County Executive’s organization and departments;

C. For the County Executive’s organization and departments, authority to ensure:

  1. Pay equity for like positions;
  2. Standardization of benefits;
  3. Approval of qualifications;
  4. Consistent discipline;
  5. Training of management in personnel practices;
  6. Training of employees in job functions;
  7. Training for total quality management;
  8. Consistent administration of performance management system;
  9. Coordination of recruitment; and
  10. Compliance with ethics resolutions or ordinances as passed by the Council.

D. Responsibility for creation of rules and policies related to the Personnel Review Commission’s authority set forth in the Charter in accordance with the human resources policies established in the County Code;

E. Responsibility for administering a clear, countywide classification and salary administration system; and

F. Such other functions as may be deemed necessary by the Council for the Commission to carry out its mission and purpose, as provided in other provisions of this Code.

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Section 301.02 Administrative Rules

The Personnel Review Commission may, in accordance with the policies and procedures set forth in this Code, adopt administrative rules and procedures to carry out its powers and duties as set forth in the County Charter and this Chapter. In the event of a conflict between the Administrative Rules of the Personnel Review Commission and Title 3, Employment Practices, the Code shall prevail.

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