Cuyahoga County Agency of Inspector General

The Cuyahoga County Agency of Inspector General (AIG) promotes transparency, accountability, integrity, and honesty in County government by holding its elected officials, employees, board members, and contractors to the highest ethical standards. The AIG enforces the Cuyahoga County Ethics Code and investigates allegations of fraud, waste, corruption and abuse.


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Make a Whistleblower Complaint

If you have information concerning fraud, waste, abuse, or any ethics violation within Cuyahoga County government, please make a Whistleblower Complaint with the AIG. Whistleblower Hotline: 216-698-2999

Make a Complaint Online
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Request an Ethics Opinion

Request guidance prior to taking action to ensure you act in compliance with the County Ethics Code. This electronic form will guide you through providing the information needed for the AIG to evaluate your ethics inquiry.

Request an Opinion
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Contractor/Lobbyist Registration

Follow these steps to ensure that your organization complies with the AIG Contractor or Lobbyist registration requirements outlined in the Cuyahoga County Code to do business with the County.

Learn More about Registrations

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