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Innovation Academy

The Cuyahoga County Innovation Academy (CCIA) was founded to equip Cuyahoga County employees with the skills needed to improve their processes by identifying & eliminating inefficiencies. We provide a three-tiered training program that focuses on Lean Six Sigma, Project Management, Organizational Behavior and Change Management methodologies. CCIA is designed to encourage employees to take ownership of their processes and embrace innovation and as a result, enhance the County’s capacity to meet residents’ needs while saving time and money.

Vision: To foster a culture of innovation throughout Cuyahoga County.

Values: CCIA believes…

  • In achieving measurable results through continuous improvement
  • In the power of teamwork to solve our challenges
  • It takes courage to identify problems in our own work and implement solutions
  • In supporting colleagues to innovate
  • Acting with integrity requires us to address challenges openly, honestly, and with compassion

CCIA Seminars

Yellow Belt:

The Yellow Belt certification course is an introductory seminar that introduces participants to Lean Six Sigma principles, concepts and terminology. To achieve certification, candidates must:

  • Attend a 1-day introductory seminar on process improvement and Lean Six Sigma methodology. (Hosted monthly)


Green Belt:

The Green Belt certification course is an intermediate program focused on process improvement/implementation via the utilization of Lean Six Sigma methods & tools. To achieve certification, candidates must:

  • Attend a 3-day seminar focused on the tools & methodology needed to complete a process improvement/implementation project. (Hosted quarterly)
  • Complete a process improvement/implementation utilizing Lean Six Sigma methodology.


Black Belt:

The Black Belt certification course is an advanced program focused on providing mentoring aspiring process improvement professionals, managing advanced process improvements/implementations, and change management using Lean Six Sigma methods & tools. To achieve certification candidates must:

  • Attend a 5-day seminar, during which they are asked to develop an advanced process improvement concept which must then be presented to and approved by Cuyahoga County leadership. (Hosted bi-annually)
  • Have completed 5 process improvements/implementations which indicate the candidate’s growth as a process improvement professional and provide evidence of their ability to systematically improve/implement processes using Lean Six Sigma methodology.
  • Produce an essay documenting their journey as a process improvement professional. This essay should discuss the lessons learned, successes and failures.