Vendor's Licenses

Ohio law requires any person or business engaging in retail sales of tangible personal property or taxable services to register for the sales tax by obtaining a vendor’s license. Ohio offers several different types of vendor’s licenses, depending on the kind of business.


Regular Vendor's License

Issued by the County Fiscal Officer to vendors with a fixed place of business in Ohio. Vendors must have one regular vendor’s license for each sales location.

The Form ST-1 is the Application for Vendor's License to Make Taxable Sales.

If you are from outside Cuyahoga County, please contact your local County Auditor. A list of County Auditors can be found at the County Auditors' Association of Ohio website.

  • Application Fee $25.00
    • Cash, Check or Money Order made payable to Cuyahoga County Treasurer
  • No Annual Renewal Fee

These are obtained in-person or by mail through the County Fiscal Officer at:

Cuyahoga County Administrative Headquarters
2079 East Ninth Street
Cleveland, OH 44115
Room 1-200


Transient Vendor's License

Issued by the Department of Taxation to vendors who transport stocks of goods to temporary places of business or exhibits in a county where they have no fixed place of business in order to make sales.


Service Vendor's License

Issued by the Department of Taxation to vendors providing automatic data processing, computer services or electronic information services, taxable telecommunications service, landscaping and lawn care service, private investigation and security services, information service (I-900 telephone calls), exterminating service, building maintenance and janitorial service, employment service, and employment placement service.

All Vendor Licenses can be obtained immediately through the Ohio Business Gateway. Businesses must first establish an account with Gateway before using it to request a vendor's license.


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