Technical Support FAQs

Technical Support FAQs

I am having a problem opening a PDF. What can I do?

If you are having a problem opening a PDF from the Internet or an email or the PDF times out before loading, please do the following:  In Adobe, go to Help then click on Check for Updates.  Adobe will request that all browsers be closed and all instances of adobe be closed.  Make sure this is done then continue with the updates.  When Adobe is done updating, it will require a reboot of your computer.  Once your computer is rebooted, retry obtaining or opening the PDF you were having issues with.  Depending on how far behind you are in updates, you may have to do this process multiple times until all updates are current.  If you have any problems, please contact your system administrator or technical support personnel for assistance. 

Very Important:  Please make sure you perform updates only from within Adobe to prevent any possible issues from bad links or malware in pop-up windows.  This way you can be sure you are truly getting the correct updates. 

I have a problem with this website. What can I do?

Email our website contact and let us know what the problem is. We will have it fixed as soon as possible or direct you elsewhere for further instructions. 

Is there a Technical Support phone number for County Employees?

Yes, the Support Center number is (216) 443-8007. Be prepared to state your name, which agency you work for and a detailed description of the problem. Keep pen and paper handy in case you receive directions or another number to call. You can also email problems with the same information. 

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