County Business FAQs

County Business FAQs

How can I do business with the County?

Easy! Visit the OPD website for details on how to complete the online registration. 

What type of services is the County looking for?

Construction, goods and services, suppliers and professional services. 

Where would I find the information on bids?

If you are on our vendor registration database you will be forwarded a copy of the specification in your particular vendor area based on the commodity code(s) given when you register. If not on the vendor list you can look for invitations to bid in The Plain Dealer under the Legal Notices Section, the posting board located in the Office of Procurement & Diversity, and the F.W. Dodge Report, Builder's Exchange and Ohio Construction News (for construction only). 

Where can I find information about jobs available in Central Services?

There are two ways to find out what jobs are available in Cuyahoga County. Either call the job hotline at (216) 443-2039 or check out the Job Opportunities on the Employment section of our web site.

What health and training programs does Central Services provide to County employees?

Training for County employees is under the direction of the Office of Health and Safety. The programs include: OSHA Outreach; Workplace Violence; Fire Safety; Bloodborne Pathogens; First Aid; CPR; and many other specialized training courses. For more information contact the Office of Health & Safety at (216) 443-6673.

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