Jury Duty

If you receive a call telling you that you're about to be arrested because you missed jury duty, hang up. It's a scam.

Courts notify people of jury duty or court appearances by mail, and police never call people to threaten them with arrest or to demand immediate payment.

The arrest scammers who make these calls are imposters who use the names of real Sheriff's deputies or local police. Arrest scammers may instruct you to go immediately to the Justice Center and may tell you to keep them on your cell while you travel. This is a ruse to panic you into thinking the call is real.

Protect yourself:

  • If you get a call threatening you with arrest, hang up and report the scam.
  • Don't engage with anyone threatening to arrest you. Do not follow the caller's instructions.
  • Do not try to "verify" information by dialing the number provided to you during a suspicious call. It goes back to scammers.
  • Do not click on texted or emailed links.
  • Know that government agencies never accept store gift cards, reloadable cards (such as MoneyPak) or any type of cryptocurrency such as bitcoin.
  • Learn more information about jury duty directly from the Common Pleas Court.


Report Scams:

Scam Squad at 216-443-SCAM (7226) or using our online form.

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