Reduce Unwanted Mail

Tips for Reducing Unwanted Mail

  • Avoid contests that require you to fill out an entry form. Marketing companies behind these contests sell entrants' contact information to other companies and charities to use as sales leads.
  • Complete “opt out” requests with your insurance company, bank and credit cards that you deal with on a regular basis.
  • Opt out of receiving offers of credit or insurance from companies who get your information from credit bureaus. You can opt out at all three credit bureaus on their shared site,, or by calling (888) 567-8688.
  • Stop coupon packs and local business mailers by opting out with marketers who send them. Opt out links for large marketers include:
  • Whenever you subscribe to a new service, fill out warranty registration, participate in a discount program (grocery stores, airlines, etc.), or make a donation, be sure to request that your information not be sold or shared. Uncheck any prechecked boxes that offer to send ads and marketing materials to you.