Freezing Your Credit

Credit freezes are powerful, free tools to stop ID thieves from wrecking your credit.

Credit freezes give you control over who sees your credit reports and when they can see them. If a lender can't run a credit check on an application, it won't issue new credit – so ID thieves trying to run up debts in your name will be thwarted.

Best of all, credit freezes are free.

Credit Freezing FAQ

How do I freeze my credit reports?
How do I thaw a freeze when I want to apply for credit?
How does a freeze work?
Will a freeze interfere with my credit score or my ability to use my credit cards?
Will a freeze prevent a debt collector from finding me?
Will a freeze protect me from all types of identity theft?
If I have a freeze, will I still need to check my credit reports each year?
Do I still need credit monitoring if I have a freeze?
Is a credit freeze the same as a fraud alert?
If I'm married, does my freeze cover my spouse?
Where can I get more information?