Weights and Measures for Business

The Cuyahoga County Division of Weights and Measures protects both businesses and consumers from losing money by testing measuring devices to make sure they’re right. Our approval seal lets consumers shop with confidence.

If your business uses any device to sell products to the public by weight, measure, volume or length, you must have it inspected by Weights and Measures before you use it in sales to customers. Read our Notification to Device Users and Service People below for more information.

Notification to Device Users and Service People

Effective June 16, 2022



Weights and Measures can only seal scales that are legal for trade. Only National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP)-approved scales are legal for trade. Be aware that scales sold online or second-hand may not be NTEP-approved, so ask before you buy. If you need help figuring out if a scale or software is legal for trade, call the Cuyahoga County Department of Weights and Measures at 216-443-7035.

Stores that sell products by weight are prohibited by Cuyahoga County Code Section 1302.06 from charging consumers for the weight of packaging, also known as tare. This prohibition includes containers used to package deli and salad bar items sold by the pound.

The Cuyahoga County Department of Consumer Affairs/Division of Weights and Measures advises stores to:

  • Familiarize staff with the tare weights of in-store containers used for food items sold by weight
  • Train staff to set the correct tare weight when weighing items
  • Ensure that customers using self-checkouts are not charged for package weight

Failure to account for package weight when selling items priced by weight to consumers could result in fines or other corrective action.


Other Weights and Measures Tests

Our inspectors periodically conduct price sweeps to make sure the prices stores advertise are the prices that ring up at the register. They also may check products sold by weight or count to ensure consumers get what they are paying for.

Every test we perform is done according to standards set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Inspectors will announce themselves and show you identification when they arrive at your business to perform an inspection. Cuyahoga County Weights and Measures inspections are free.

Visit our Complying with Consumer Law Page, to learn more about Cuyahoga County Consumer Protection and Weights and Measures codes.


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