Chapter 713: Dog License and Animal Shelter Fees

Section 713.01 Dog License Fees Established

Effective December 1, 2013, Cuyahoga County shall collect a Dog License Fee pursuant to O.R.C. Chapter 955, et seq. and other applicable laws for registration for a 1 year dog license, 3 year dog license and permanent dog license. The dog license fees for spayed and neutered dogs shall be as follows:

A. 1 Year Dog License Fee is $20 per dog.

B. 3 Year Dog License Fee is $60 per dog.

C. Permanent Dog License Fee is $200 per dog.

D. Kennel Registration Fee is $100.

E. The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine shall receive 10 cents for each 1 Year Dog License; 30 cents for each 3 Year Dog License; and $1.00 for each Permanent Dog License.

(Ordinance No. O2013-0021, Enacted 8/27/2013, Effective 8/28/2013)

Section 713.02 Animal Shelter Fees

A. The Director of Public Works shall promulgate a fee schedule for services offered by the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter, including but not limited to, fees associated with the adoption of dogs. The fee schedule shall be promulgated as a rule in accordance with Chapter 113 of the County Code.

B. Notwithstanding paragraph (A) of this Section, the Director of Public Works may waive any or all fees associated with the adoption of dogs, other than the dog license fee established pursuant to Section 713.01. The Director’s determination to waive fees associated with the adoption of dogs shall be made on an individual basis and shall rely on the following factors:

  1. Costs incurred by the County in providing the service, including but not limited to personnel and other administrative costs;
  2. Whether the County is providing a special adoption or promotional event;
  3. Whether the dogs are a bonded pair;
  4. Overcrowding conditions, availability of space and population at the animal shelter;
  5. The health and medical condition of the dogs;
  6. The length of time the dogs have been at the animal shelter; and
  7. Whether the dogs will be euthanized if not adopted.

(Ordinance Nos. O2015-0009, Enacted 6/23/2015, Effective 6/25/2015; O2014-0024, Enacted 9/9/2014, Effective 9/16/2014)