Chapter 709: Community Development Fund

Section 709.01 The Community Development Fund

The Fiscal Officer is hereby directed to immediately establish a separate fund for the purpose of collecting and expending gross casino revenues distributed to Cuyahoga County (the “Community Development Fund” or “the Fund”). All such revenues shall be automatically transferred from the General Fund into the Fund and may be used only in the time frame and purpose authorized in Chapter 709 of the County Code.

(Ordinance Nos. O2018-0005, Enacted 05/29/2018, Effective 05/31/2018; O2012-0011, Enacted 10/23/2012, Effective 10/24/2012)

Section 709.02 Allowable Use of Funds

Funds in the Community Development Fund may be used to:

A. promote economic and community development in any area of Cuyahoga County; and

B. provide additional funding for educational initiatives, including the Cuyahoga County Educational Assistance Fund.

(Ordinance Nos. O2018-0005, Enacted 05/29/2018; Effective 05/31/2018 O2015-0003, Enacted 6/28/2016, Effective 7/1/2016; O2012-0011, Enacted 10/23/2012, Effective 10/24/2012)