Concealed Carry Information

Qualified individuals wishing to obtain a license to lawfully carry a concealed handgun must begin the process on the application website:

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Eligibility Guidelines  |  Ohio's Concealed Carry Law


Applications for Carry a Concealed Weapon (CCW) are processed by APPOINTMENT ONLY.

NO walk-ins.



  1. You must be at least 21 years of age, and first obtain a certificate of training issued by a certified firearms instructor. (The total time required for training is 8 hours with a minimum of 2 hours of in-person training that consists of range time and live-fire training.)

  3. Insure the instructors offering the training have a certificate of training from a national gun advocacy organization or the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy and are certified as instructors to teach firearms training. Ask to see their credentials and certification.

  5. Upon successful completion of the required training and receipt of a firearm training certificate (which is only valid for three years from date of issuance) from the training entity, you must obtain a "CCW APPLICATION FORM" and the "OHIO CONCEALED CARRY LAW PAMPHLET" as prepared by the Ohio Attorney General's Office. The forms should be made available to you where you obtained your weapons training or on line at:
    (The application is located in the center of the Ohio Concealed Carry Law Pamphlet)

  7. Only one applicant will be processed at a time. Your completed application, required documentation and method of payment will be reviewed for completeness and accuracy. Your fingerprints will be captured through the National Web Check system (Electronic Fingerprint) and submitted to the Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification for a background check. If you have not been a resident of the State of Ohio for the past 5 consecutive years your fingerprints will also be submitted to the FBI. Your photo will also be taken for your CCW License only. (You are still required to supply the photo for your application. The photo you supply will not be used for your license.)

  9. You must provide all required documentation to conduct the required background investigation by the Sheriff's Office. You must also pass a federal NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) check to obtain an Ohio Concealed Carry License. The required NICS check is not done by a licensed gun dealer. Within 45 days after your application is processed you will then be notified by mail upon the issuance of your CCW License. If you should have any questions about something that you believe to be in your background you should contact an attorney prior to applying.

  11. You will be contacted by certified return receipt mail, to advise you if your application has been denied and the reason for the denial. An appeal process information sheet will also be included with the denial letter.

In an effort to make the application process efficient:

    • Arrive to your scheduled appointment on time.
    • Have your application completed prior to arrival.
    • Have all required documentation present at the time of your appointment.

Contact Information

Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Office
Concealed Weapons Licensing Unit
1215 W. 3rd Street
2nd Floor Civil/CCW Offices
Cleveland, Ohio 44113
(216) 443-5587

Regular Office Hours

Monday8:30 - 3:30pm
Wednesday8:30 - 3:30pm
Thursday8:30 - 3:30pm
Friday8:30 - 3:30pm


Required Documentation

First Time Applicant
Retired Law Enforcement
Change of Address
Change of Name

Fee Schedule

All fees are non-refundable.

New Issue - Resident for more than 5 continuous years: $67.00
New Issue - Resident for less than 5 continuous years: $77.00
New Issue - Non-Resident (Employed/Stationed in Ohio):$77.00
Renewal - Resident for more than 5 continuous years: $50.00
Renewal - Non-Resident (Employed/Stationed in Ohio): $60.00
Temporary Emergency - Resident for more than 5 continuous years:$37.00
Temporary Emergency - Resident for less than 5 continuous years: $61.00
Temporary Emergency - Non-resident Temporarily in Ohio: $61.00
Replacement: $15.00