Offender Registration & Notification Unit

The Sexual Offender Registration and Notification Unit was developed and designed to inform, safeguard, and prevent violent sexual crime. SORN ensures the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Department is in compliance with Ohio law. CCSD is mandated to register all sexual offenders, keep a database on sexual offenders, and forward the data to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office.

Some sexual offenders are required by a judge to be subject to community notification. In these cases, deputies must give personal notice to neighbors, schools, and municipal law enforcement agencies regarding the location of the offender. All residences within 1,000 feet of the offender's residence must receive notification by mail.

Visit the State of Ohio's sexual offender registry to be notified of sexual offenders living in your area.

The Sexual Offender Unit is responsible for registering and making the citizens of Cuyahoga County aware of serious offenders living in the community. The residence location of less serious offenders is tracked on a database used to locate an individual in the event he repeats his former pattern of criminal behavior. The Unit is also responsible for investigating complaints against a registered offender and, if necessary, executing a warrant for the arrest of the individual.

Search Methods

Email Alert
You can sign up to receive an email alert and view a list of all registered offenders living within a one mile radius from a search address through OffenderWatch.

Photo Search
The Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Department offers a sexual offender photo search.

Sex Offender FAQ's

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I checked your website and it states that a sex offender lives two doors down from me. I have NEVER seen him/her there and I know the family. If your website states he lives there and I know he does not, what should I do?
While reviewing the sex offender website, I noticed that an offender lists a residential address as a place of employment. How is that possible?
Does my employer have to tell me if they hired a registered sex offender?
I thought sex offenders are prohibited form living within 1,000’ of a school or daycare facility, but I know one who does. Why aren’t you charging the offender with a crime?
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