Narcotics Unit

Detectives assigned to the Narcotics Unit are responsible for investigations into narcotics trafficking and organizations. They are assigned to combat the import and export, purchase, sales, and use of illicit narcotic substances.

Narcotics Unit detectives are assigned to specialty task forces including the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Task Force, Northern Ohio Law Enforcement Task Force, and Ohio High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA).

The vast majority of the assets seized and placed into the Law Enforcement Trust Fund are attributable to work by these units and help the Sheriff's Department by deferring taxpayer costs.

Responsibilities of the Narcotics Unit:

  • Investigating and arresting drug dealers and buyers who engage in illegal drug transactions,
  • Investigating and interdicting the importation and exportation of illegal drugs into and out of Cuyahoga County,
  • Preparing narcotic related civil and criminal forfeiture cases involving illegal profits derived from drug transactions,
  • Maintaining chain of evidence, confiscating, and destroying narcotics,
  • Assisting prosecuting agencies in preparing successful narcotics cases for court,
  • Responding to and investigating heroin overdoses.


Important Numbers

Narcotics Unit
(216) 443-6095

Anonymous Complaint Line
(216) 443-6028

Tip Line
(216) 443-6265
(216) 443-6256

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