Instructions to Stop a Sheriff’s Sale

  • Court documents to withdraw a parcel and instructions by an attorney to cancel or postpone a Sheriff’s Sale may be emailed to **This email address is only intended for this purpose.
  • Cancel or postpone instructions must be submitted to the email address by 4:00pm on the last business day prior to the scheduled sale.
  • Instructions to cancel or postpone the sale of a parcel on the day of sale must be submitted in person to the Civil Administrative Unit and will only be accepted prior to the parcel being offered for sale through Real Auction.

Sheriff’s Sale Cancel/Postpone Form

Judgment Creditor’s council must request a Sheriff’s Sale Cancel/Postpone Form be emailing and Requests must come from the law firm’s email address. The Sheriff’s Sale Cancel/Postpone Form is the only acceptable form to cancel or postpone a Sheriff’s Sale in Cuyahoga County per ORC 2329.153.