Residential Rental Property Disclosure

Ohio Revised Code 5323.02 and 5323.99 requires an owner of “residential rental property” to file certain information with the Fiscal Officer of the county in which the property is located.

  • This is a one-time disclosure with the County and no fee is required.
  • If there are changes, you must update this information with the county within 60 days (including weekends and holidays).
  • You must maintain updated agent contact information.
  • You must disclose your residential rental property to Cuyahoga County even if you have registered your rental property with the municipality where it is located.
  • Failure to file or update incorrect or changed information in a timely manner may result in the assessment of a penalty of $50 following each tax bill for which the information is not filed.
  • This special assessment can be appealed to the County Board of Revision. (R.C. 5323.01, 5323.02, 5323.99)


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Residential Rental Property Disclosure FAQ

What are Residential Rental Properties?
What information do I have to provide?

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Attention City of Cleveland rental property owners:

You can obtain copies of your city rental registration using the City of Cleveland Rental Registration Portal or call the city's Division of Records Administration at 216-664-2994.