Dog Licenses

Having a license for your dog isn’t only a law, but it’s also a lost dog's ticket home!

When a dog has its license attached to its collar, its assigned license number is all that is necessary for our office to identify the dog's owner. If you do not buy your dog’s license during this renewal period, Ohio law requires a late fee equal to the cost of the license.


There are several options to obtain a valid Cuyahoga County dog license:


Contact Us

Dog owners with questions may contact our office.



Cost of License

Ohio law requires owners of dogs to renew their dog license each year between December 1st and January 31st.

  • One Year license (expiring January 31, 2024) - $20.00
  • Three Year license (expiring January 31, 2026) - $60.00
  • Permanent license (no expiration date) - $200.00

Three year and permanent licenses are NOT available for purchase at neighborhood locations, they are only available online, through the mail, or in person at the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter.


$20 Penalty Fee after January 31st

After January 31st, a penalty fee of $20 will be assessed on the purchase of One Year, Three Year, and Permanent licenses for all dogs older than three months of age which have been owned for more than 30 days.

The penalty can be avoided if you purchase the dog license immediately upon acquiring the dog.

Dog licenses can be purchased year round through any of the previously mentioned options.

There are no provisions in the law to waive the fee.



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