E-Filing FAQs


I hit the link on the E-Filing application but it did not send.
Can I have more than one email address on my E-Filing account?
Once I submit my E-Filing application, how long will it take to set up my account?
I have tried to reset my password, but I still get an error.




Why are my filings in a status of ‘I’ and none have been accepted by the Clerk?
How do I designate service for a party at multiple addresses?
Is there a User Guide to help me through the E-Filing process?
How do I file a document on a case in which I am not yet an attorney of record? The case is not on the list of My Open Cases.
I am filing a brief or motion with multiple exhibits. Should I E-File as one document or attach the exhibits separately?
Do I need to complete and attach a Designation Form when E-Filing a new civil case?
How do I E-File service requests or requests for second attempts of service?
I received a confirmation # when I started an E-Filing, does that mean that the filing was received by the Clerk?



Foreclosure Cases

On the Add Case Parcels screen, do I need to put the full legal description in the Description box?




Why can’t I see the images on a case?
What format are the images?
Why can’t I open the image or why does the image only show the first page?



Payment/Bank Reconciliation

Can I leave money on deposit with the Clerk of Courts to draw down for my E-Filings?
Are there any fees associated with E-Filing?
I am reconciling my bank account, can I search previous payments made in the E-Filing system?



Proposed Order/Agreed Judgment Entry/Magistrate Decision

Why don't I have the option to send a proposed order to a Judge?
Why does the status of the Agreed Entry, Proposed Order or Magistrate's Decision which I submitted only show a status of 'Received'?