Referral Information

Screen/Intake Procedure

Community Based Correctional Facility Entrance

All defendants are required to be screened by CBCF Admission’s staff to determine eligibility and placement. Based on the screening findings, a sentencing recommendation is made to the court. All clients must be sentenced to the facility by their assigned Judge. Clients are then scheduled for an intake date based on bed availability.


Referral Information

Referrals may be received by the Court Probation Officer or Attorney at any stage in the court process from plea to judicial release. At this time, you can make referrals by contacting the Cuyahoga County Adult Probation Department at 216-443-7900.


Eligible Defendant

Male felony offenders who are moderate/high risk and have a probationable offense are eligible to be screened for CBCF.


Ineligible Defendants

  1. Dangerous offenders as defined by the Ohio Revised Code (O.R.C.) 2929.01
  2. Persons whose mental health requires a level of service above that which is available in the facility.
  3. Persons unwilling to participate or abide by the program rules.
  4. Tier III sexual offenders and Tier I and II offenders who the court had determined is subject to community notification.
  5. Any offender whose instant offense is a sex offense.
  6. Conviction of any crime, other than Carrying Concealed Weapon (CCW), committed while the offender was armed with a firearm, weapon, or dangerous ordinance.

For additional information, please see our full Screening Criteria Guide.