2nd Half Property Tax Payments are due July 18. Ways to Pay


Resolution NumberRule TitleCounty Entity
ARB2015-0001Establishing Regular Meetings ScheduleAdministrative Rules Board
ARB2015-0002Establishing Deadlines for Written CommentaryAdministrative Rules Board
ARB2015-0003Requirements and Time Limits Applicable to Verbal CommentaryAdministrative Rules Board
ARB2015-0004College Savings Account Program DescriptionExecutive Office
ARB2015-0005Capital Assets PolicyFiscal Office
ARB2015-0006Inventory PolicyFiscal Office
ARB2015-0008Various Procurement PoliciesOffice of Procurement & Diversity
ARB2015-0009Business and Residential Loans and Grants PoliciesDepartment of Development
ARB2015-0010Homeowner Mortgage Short Payoff PolicyDepartment of Development
ARB2015-0011Homeowner Mortgage Subordination PolicyDepartment of Development
ARB2015-0012Housing Rehabilitation Loan ProgramDepartment of Development
ARB2015-0014Minimum Demolition and Maintenance StandardsDepartment of Development
ARB2015-0015Rules of ProcedureAdministrative Rules Board
ARB2015-0016Rules of ProcedureDebarment Review Board
ARB2019-0001Cuyahoga County Rules for Receiving a Bicycle and Scooter Share Vendor's LicenseDepartment of Sustainability
ARB2020-0001 County of Cuyahoga Sanitary Engineering Division Rules and Regulations 2019Department of Public Works
ARB2020-0002Uniform Standards for Sewerage Improvements 2019Department of Public Works
ARB2020-0003 Approval of Amendment to Cuyahoga County Rules for Receiving a Bicycle and Scooter Share Vendor’s LicenseDepartment of Sustainability
ARB2020-0004Approval of Amendment to Cuyahoga County Land Development Regulations, Article 1. Subdivision Platting Rules for the Unincorporated Areas of Cuyahoga County, OhioCuyahoga County Planning Commission